Saturday, May 15, 2010

. . but it mostly is.

And everything is irony and politics. And, like politics, when you stroke your irony it grows.
In this moment we are taking note of the two opposing cultures, Germania and Ελλάδα with the northern tribes in a submissive posture, skirmish lost in the ongoing world war. Oh beautiful, for the hubris of history.

While in the new world, industrial and economic false flag terror continue in the ongoing corporate insurgency.
Since the day after the constitution was written, the war on serfdom has ensued with little to slake the incessant, inevitable thrusts.
Fully engorged, the predacious powers must always enslave, it's what they'll do.
In other locales, the battle is truly engaged and the blood shed will water that tree, for it is not indigenous to any region, it is the aboriginal human self awareness, it is what we do.